The Multiplication Tables Check

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In June 2020 schools will be required to use a digital check to test year four pupils on their fluent recall of multiplication tables up to twelve. This will be achieved through a digital test containing twenty-five questions which should take around five minutes.

An information video is available from:

A voluntary pilot service to support school’s preparation will be available between April and June.

For learners with SEND learning and recalling times table facts can pose many challenges, including:

  • Developing conceptual understanding – some pupils learn the facts but lack the understanding of what the facts really mean in practice.
  • Some facts are very similar so are easily confused.
  • Pupils with memory difficulties can often struggle to consistently retain facts and/or accurately retrieve facts – especially under pressure.

The following are some practical ideas and resources that may support learners with SEND to learn and recall multiplication tables:

  • Support your pupils to develop the conceptual understanding ‘behind’ each fact by exploring it in a concrete and then pictorial sense before looking at the abstract representation. For example:


Concrete Pictorial Abstract
Use cubes for your pupil to physically combine two groups of two objects to make four.  


2 x 2 = 4